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"The sea, once it casts its spell, holds one in its net of wonder forever."

JACQUES COUSTEAU, Life and Death in a Coral Sea


A quote we are sure you have often heard, but one that remains true, once you’ve seen the wonders

of the sea you will forever want to see more.


Join us on this adventure.  Come for a Try Dive or join us on one of our scuba courses if you have never experienced it before.  Further your knowledge and skills with our advanced diver scuba courses or one of a number of speciality scuba courses in order to see more of this wondrous world. 


Regardless of if you have not started yet or you are furthering your knowledge and skills we have the scuba courses and instructor to suit your needs.


At Scuba Legendz we keep the groups on our scuba courses small with a maximum student to dive professional ratio of 2 : 1 in all our scuba courses in order to ensure individual attention, a fun experience and above all a completely safe environment in which to learn.

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Recreational Scuba Courses– Open Circuit

We offer the following scuba courses in recreational open circuit scuba diving
under both the 
RAID and PADI agencies

Try Dive
Open Water 20 / PADI Open Water scuba courses
Advanced 35 / Advanced Diver
Master Rescue Diver / Rescue diver
And a whole list of speciality scuba courses like Deep40, Navigation, Wreck, Night, Nitrox and many more.

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Recreational – Rebreather Scuba Courses


Are you tired of hearing your bubbles? 


Do you want to see more fish and hear the crackle of the coral?

Join us for a try dive on a rebreather and if you really enjoy the sensation of being silent and weightless, continue your training up to the equivalent of Master Rescue Diver on your rebreather

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Are you already a diver and itching to share your passion with others?  Are you nearing the end of your high school career and looking for a break and a chance to see the world and experience other culture before continuing your studies?  Consider becoming a dive leader!


We offer the RAID Dive Master and Instructor Development Program in order the help you achieve the goal of sharing your passion or creating a working holiday or even creating a working lifestyle which offers the personal satisfaction of teaching scuba courses combined with the adventure of scuba diving and ocean life.

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Are you tired of the recreational NDL? 
Is it time for a new adventure, but you don’t want to be a dive leader? 
Fear not, you have not reached the end of your diving adventure!


It is time to switch gears in your mind and learn more about the science behind diving, add some additional safety drills and gear and take your first steps into the world of decompression diving with one of our specialised scuba courses like Deco40, Deco 50 or Deco 60.

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Thinking of taking your adrenaline to the next level?

Continue practicing your extreme sport...

Visit us and check our latest diving gear!

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